5 Thrifty Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Written by B.Denesia   // June 10, 2011   // 3 Comments


The phrase: “a penny saved is a penny earned,” has been my father’s favorite saying ever since I can remember.  Currently with the economic situation in our country it seems that this age old saying still holds relevance.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching there are ways that you can put a smile on his face without having to dig deep for the cheddar.   You can be thoughtful and have a great gift and stay thrifty at the same time.  By simply utilizing what you have around the house, the internet, or for a very small amount of money you can prepare to give your father the gratitude he deserves.

5 Thrifty Gift Ideas for Father’s Day:

*Breakfast in bed

With a little bit of motivation, you can arise before your father does and make his favorite breakfast.   Although you may need a small amount of tender for the groceries, you can start the day just right with some bacon, eggs, and toast.  Oh yeah, and a large cup of coffee.

*Sending an e-card

If you do not live in the same area as you father, an e-card would be a nice cheap way to send your love. Depending what your father is into, you can either find an e-card that is heartfelt, or one that is truly tasteless.    On the website: Someecards there is a slew of hilarious Father’s Day cards.  If your Dad is into comedy, this is the site for you.

If you want to personalize the card that you will be sending to Dad, rattle box is another great site.  This site has flash videos that you can put your own message in.  Simple and easy!

*Going on a hike

If your Dad likes to hike, then this would be a great option to get out of the house and get some exercise while you have that great father son/daughter talk.  The internet will make it easy to pick a hike in your area.  There are many blogs that will give you mileage and topography so that you can make it easy or tough depending on what you’re into.

*I owe you booklet

With so many chores to constantly do around the house, putting together a booklet of I owe you’s for your Dad is also a great gift.  You can make coupons for things that need to be done around the house like: mow the lawn, wash the car, do the dishes, pull weeds, ect.  You know he will be pleased with this one, as we all would.

*Make a picture collage or calendar

With all the new great technology that is constantly making it easier for us to digitize our lives, making a picture collage or calendar is fairly simple.  With a Mac computer, you can go into your calendar application and select new calendar.  You can use pictures in your library to create each month and there are multiple templates depending on the layout you like.  Similarly, you can drop and drag pictures onto a template that will allow you to move around pictures to put together a collage.  You may need a picture application to do this, but most computers have this software included.

With Father’s Day only a couple of weeks away, these ideas should get you moving in the right direction.  So save some money, put in a little extra effort and show the love to you Father.


  1. By John Dough, February 23, 2019

    Another easy inexpensive gift I have provided my father in the past is, Washing his car. I also include some detailing like vacuuming, checking fluids, and topping it off with a fill-up. Great gift and highly appreciated.

  2. By Mike - Saving Money Today, February 23, 2019

    This is going to be my 6th Father’s Day as a dad, and I can honestly say that the best gifts are the ones that my kids make themselves. Gadgets and stuff are nice and all, but I’ll take a picture drawn by my little girl any day.

  3. By DolrDolrBill, February 23, 2019

    The sentimental gift is worth so much more than the material gift. Thanks for the comment Mike.


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