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About A. Garcia

Anthony “A1rt0ne” Garcia is a Broadcast and Video professional working in the financial services industry. Originally from Los Angeles, he now works, lives, and plays in the S.F. Bay Area. Anthony produces short films, scripts silly children’s books for his 3 year old daughter, and attempts culinary fame with his mediocre fish tacos. Current Status: Losing sleep, patience, and K/D Ratio on TDM, trying to comprehend SEO.

About T. Tse

Few things excite me more than seeing hard work & effective implementation pay off. It drives me to achieve my personal best, always. I’m passionate about my work, learning new things, and the opportunity to be part of something great. When I’m not reading industry news or drafting killer content, I enjoy traveling, exercising, and playing with my dog, Marshy.

About B. Denesia

Brian Denesia is a 30 something year old in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Education on personal finances is a must.  I enjoy writing financial based articles to share the knowledge I have gained through the years of working in the financial field.  On the side: I write live concert reviews, play music and love the great outdoors. Current Status: Figuring out the changing landscape of Social Media.

About A. Boehm-Garcia

Amanda Boehm-Garcia holds an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute whose artwork has been exhibited nationally. Her financial perspective was defined during college as a freshman, when income was scarce and ramen noodle dinners were not. Today, as a work from home Mom and Illustrator, this perspective allows her to spend and save money wisely, so that she can add the occasional steak or chicken to Tuesday’s family ramen noodle night. 

About D. Cohen

I write articles about personal finance, with a focus on consumer debt, personal credit, and mortgages. I enjoy sharing valuable information that helps people improve their financial lives. Quote: “A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.”

About M. Cappel

Mark Cappel has edited magazines, web sites, and books for the last 25 years. He earned a degree in law in 2006, and puts those lessons and editing experience to work every day in creating content that is fun to read and easy to understand. When he’s not in front of a computer, Mark is an amateur actor, a porous soccer goalkeeper, and a Gate Dept. volunteer at Burning Man.

About J. Bankston

John Bankston began his career writing for daily newspapers ranging from Washington state to Georgia. John has worked as; A loan broker, an underwriter, a credit repair specialist, and an IAPDA-certified debt arbitrator. Once more than $70,000 in debt, he was able to pay it all off within 24 months – and drop $10,000 in his savings account. Today he writes to show others they can do the same: “No one plans to fall deep in credit card debt, but you’re gonna need a plan to pay it off. Develop a plan, and commit yourself to its execution. You take control of your debt, you’ll take control of your life.”

About S. Subramanyam

My venture into the financial world inspired me to write about personal finance and money saving ideas. Hailing from Chennai, India, currently residing in the San Francisco Peninsula area, my work experience in the financial service industry helps me to give a few tips to readers who want to lead a more frugal life. When I am not thinking up new articles for MyDolr blog, I love reading books and spending time with my husband and five year old son.

About R. Caceres

Rose Caceres is a 20-something year old lady living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rose generously shares her knowledge of consumer finance and in her spare time, she enjoys reading books, acting, and spending time with her three kids.

About W. Stultz

Wendy Stultz has a significant wealth of experience from a career as; A tax attorney, a Peace Corps volunteer, a college administrator and professor, a manual laborer, a press translator, and a Deputy District Attorney in former iterations. She is a life-long student, and loves philosophical and political discourse.

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