Occupy Wall Street | Takes a Lick and Keeps on Ticking

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After numerous camp raids and shutdowns the Occupy movement is still on the ground raising awareness, shutting down ports along the west coast, and occupying foreclosed homes.  December 17th is the 3 month anniversary and will be a day of solidarity.  Occupation 2.0 plans to be a day for the movement to re-occupy space and exercise their freedom of speech and assembly.

December 12th marked a day where the group was able to close down ports from Vancouver to San Diego.  Goldman Sachs which owns a stake in port operations was the target of these protests.  In Oakland, so many supporters showed up they had to manage where to put them all throughout the evening.  In an article from the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports the truckers working the ports said, “we are inspired that a non-violent democratic movement that insists on basic economic fairness is capturing the hearts and minds of so many working people.  Thank you “99 Percenters” for hearing our call for justice.  We are humbled and overwhelmed by recent attentions.  Normally we are invisible.”

The truckers explain in their letter that they work a 60 hour a week job away from family and are not getting a paycheck that reflects the dangerous work that they do.  They state that although they are independent contractors they are bossed  around like they are their subordinates.  The workers want justice.

According to CNN Money, in more than two dozen cities across the nation “Occupy Our Homes” is a national day of action organized by the Occupy movement and local community groups are “liberating” properties that have been foreclosed on.  From coast to coast folks joined their fellow Americans, popped tents, and raised signs in an effort to “reclaim” the properties.

According to Bloomberg, the Federal Reserve Bank fought for the biggest bailout in history to be kept secret.  Now you can take a glimpse into the enormity of this bailout.  The banks that were “too big to fail” got a hand out that will cost the taxpayers for generations to come.  Apparently the banks were taking millions of dollars in emergency loans alongside the bailout and assuring investors their firms were healthy.  The Fed Loans, undisclosed to Congress,  gave the banks $13 billion in income.

If these banks were on the fritz, why not let them go under?
Apparently these banks are too big to fail.
What does this say to the public?
How long is it going to take to pay back the astonishing $7.77 trillion dollars in debt that they Fed used to bail out these banks to give them profit?

In solidarity, the movement will push Occupy 2.0 on December 17th.  It will be a day of revolution.  With the media shying away from reporting and are even being held back from reporting by law enforcement, information will be shared most likely through social media channels. The most up to date and untainted information will be coming out through occupywallst.org/, Twitter, Facebook and other online streaming sites that have doing a great job getting out the information.  They do not want this televised for a reason; the media is funded by the same interests as the banks.  The plan for the 17th, reclaim the public space that has been lost.  It is yet another non-violent protest that will try to keep the awareness into wealth gap in the forefront of the people.

As Saturday approaches and the anniversary of the largest social protest movement since Vietnam gathers more strength, 1st amendment rights will be exercised and highlighted.  Non-violence will be a key factor and police brutality is unacceptable.

Have you joined the movement?

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