Savvy homeowners are locking in ridiculously low mortgage rates before rates spike again

Written by D Child   // January 23, 2014   // Comments Off


US FlagMany homeowners are surprised to learn of a government lending program that could allow homeowners to refinance their homes now to ultra low rates and potentially save more than $100,000 over the lifetime of their loan.1

When homeowners visit The Easy Loan Site™, many are surprised to still find near historically low mortgage rates. In as little as 2 minutes, homeowners can easily find out if they can pre-qualify for a low fixed rate mortgage – and the best part is that you DON’T Need an Appraisal to pre-qualify! Most importantly, qualified homeowners can compare rates from up to 4 lenders for their situation. Banks are hungry for business and are aggressively offering low rates while they are still available.


A few years ago, the Fed lowered short term interest rates, leading to record low mortgage rates. With the economy slowly improving, we are slowly seeing these mortgage rates return back to normal levels at 6 to 8%. Many homeowners who were close to refinancing or purchasing a home are now scrambling to secure a low fixed rate before rates begin climbing. Luckily for homeowners, sites like The Easy Loan Site™ make it easier than ever to quickly compare multiple mortgage offers and get the best rate possible.

A bailout for the middle class?

There is also more good news for underwater homeowners who think they can’t refinance. A government program called HARP now assists homeowners with little to no equity in their home to refinance to rates as low as 3.89% APR. Over 2.2 million Americans have taken advantage of the program, saving homeowners more than $100,000 over the lifetime of a 30 year loan1. Act NOW before this program expires and you could save up to $3,000 in 2014.

How do I get these low rates?

To help you find low rates, The Easy Loan Site™ has created a service to help consumers easily connect with lenders. In a few minutes, consumers could get a side by side rate comparison from multiple lenders and find out what loan programs they qualify for. You can access this free service now by clicking below.



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1Our lawyers made us research this very carefully! Here are all the supporting details: President’s Video; FHFA Press Release ; Fannie Mae Research:Over $100,000 savings estimate is based on $82 a week over a 30 yr loan from June 2007.

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